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David Brudnoy readies for John Ashcroft's crackdown in Right face .

In "Patriot Games ," Michelle Chihara asks: What do real Americans do? Wave the flag or protect the Constitution?

Ruth Tobias provides a walking tour of Stores of yore , some of the cityís most charming old-school shops ó just in time for the holidays.

In our weekly Q&A, Tamara Wieder talks to Grant Llewellyn, new music director of the Handel & Haydn Society.

Jon Garelick chats with V.S. Naipaul about his Nobel tour.

In the Phoenix editorial, the messy state budget shows just how weak our political Ďleadersí are

In Don't Quote Me, Dan Kennedy wonders how public radio will continue to pay for NPR.

In Talking Politics by Seth Gitell, Gubernatorial hopeful Warren Tolman bets on the Clean Elections Law

In Out There, Ron Fletcher on living in the shadow of John Cusack.

In Urban Buy, Julia Cohen finds the lastest winter bicycle gear.

Plus, this just in:

FOLLOW-UP : Picking on the neediest
BENEFIT : Meehan raises money for terror victims
SPECIAL OFFER : Free box cutters!
Q&A : Belly up to the table
MEDIA : City panel to reconsider news-box ban
OUT AND ABOUT: Youíve come a long way, gayby

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Dr. Lovemonkey

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Harry Connick Jr. is not simply copying older crooners like Bennett and Sinatra, says Jon Garelick; he's applying their values to contemporary pop and his personal musical experience;
Matt Ashare says that Driving Rain will surely rank as one of the more essential and artistically successful of Paul McCartney's solo discs;
Wayne Robbins finds Mick Jagger without the swagger in Goddess in the Doorway;
Lloyd Schwartz on the Boston Academy of Musicís Mikado and the BSOís guest conductors;
Damon Krukowski writes an open letter to James Levine;
In Frequencies by Josh Kun, Astor Piazzolla takes on a different meaning in Gidon Kremer's strings;
Mike Miliard compiles a book list for the discriminating "music snob";
In Cellars by starlight, Carly Carioli on Walthamís teenage rock-and-roll machines;
Also, live reviews of Superchunk at the Somerville Theater, Living Coloür and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at the Paradise.

And last but not least, Roadtripping.

Also, short reviews of:

Miranda Lee Richards : THE HERETHEREAFTER
The Figgs : BADGER
Migala : ARDE
St. Lunatics :FREE CITY
Peter Rauhofer :ESSENTIAL MIX
Claus Ogermann/National Philharmonic Orchestra : CLAUS OGERMANN: TWO CONCERTOS

Many recent Asian films specialize in tonal shifts, says Steve Erikson, but Audition uses them to get at something truly threatening.
In Film Culture, the bad girls of Baise-moi.

Also, short reviews of:



Carolyn Clay talks to Jon Platt about Tobie S. Stein's Bostonís Colonial Theatre: Celebrating a Century of Theatrical Vision, and Anne Marie Donahue finds out what's new with Ed Bullins.


In State of the art, Carly Carioli previews Alissa Cardoneís three-day run this weekend at Mobius.


Jeffery Gantz takes a closer look at Ali and Mark Davis's shows at the Pucker Gallery, and some big names are headed for the Rose Art Museum, according to Randi Hopkins.


William Corbett reviews Fugitive Days: A Memoir by Bill Ayers, Ricco Villanueva Siasoco on the best of the best literary anthologies, Adam Kirsch brings back some classics for the holidays and Ruth Tobias gets worldly with ethnic cookbooks .


Hot Dots -- Saturday 5:30 (2) Martha Stewart in the Holiday Spirit. Perhaps Oprah will drop in for cocoa.


Dining Out: Rave 552.
On the Cheap: Caesarís Pizza & Subs.
Noshing & Sipping: Out of a Flower ice cream.


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Fall 2001 Band Guide

The 4th annual Best issue


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