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Nina Willdorf resurrects June Cleaver to stand alongside Martha Stewart as cold war culture makes a comeback.

After a year marked by an economic downturn, rising crime, and the ongoing terrorist threat, what, Chris Wright asks, can Americans look forward to in 2002?

In the Phoenix editorial, leftovers for 2002.

In Don't Quote Me, Dan Kennedy dredges up the biggest story that never happened -- mad cow disease -- and wonders if it'll haunt us in 2002.

In Talking Politics, let the games begin: Seth Gitell handicaps the governor's race.

In Out There, Kris Frieswick provides selected tactics for surviving post-holiday poundage.

In Hip Check, Nina Willdorf says that just because you don't need glasses doesn't mean you can't wear them.

Plus, this just in:

TAKING STOCK: Vital statistics
MEDIA: How the Journal got Al Qaeda’s computers
BALL BOY: Rudy’s off-base stadium plan
FOLLOW-UP: Court ruling may change the way clergy-sex-abuse cases are litigated

Letters to the editor

Moon Signs

Dr. Lovemonkey

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Matt Ashare rounds up all that we can look forward to in 2002, including albums from Wille Nelson and Joey Ramone;

Jon Garelick on live jazz in the new year;

Lloyd Schwarts gets excited about the spring schedule for classical music;

Ted Drozdowski traces the many outlets for Marc Ribot's inventive guitar;

Richard A. Martin on Sense Field's hopeful return;

Annie Zaleski says that Robert Smith has been busy, which means that the Cure's Greatest Hits will likely not be the last we hear from them;

In Frequencies by Josh Kun, Raz Mesinai’s Before the Law distills Kafka;

In Cellars by Starlight Brett Milano previews the year to come in local music.

Also, a live review of Boston Baroque at Harvard’s Sanders Theatre. Plus, Lloyd Schwartz reviews Strung Up: The art of the violin

And last but not least, Roadtripping.

Also, short reviews of:

Morrissey : THE BEST OF!
Radio Birdman : THE ESSENTIAL RADIO BIRDMAN, 1974–1978
American Analog Set : KNOW BY HEART
The Avalanches : SINCE I LEFT YOU
Jon Durant : BRIEF LIGHT

Steve Vineberg says Gosford Park is one of the heftiest treats under the tree - and the one with the most elegant wrapping;

Peter Keogh previews the coming year in film.

In Film Culture, Gerald Peary talks to Robert Altman about Gosford Park.


Carolyn Clay previews Mrs. Robinson, Cinderella, and more in the upcoming year in theater, and she finds contact "almost irresistible."

Anne Marie Donahue tries to find the comic edge in Late Nite Catechism


Marcia B. Siegel on not connecting in contact.


Rhandi Hopkins previews the year to come in art


Douglas Wolk takes a look at Frank Miller's The Dark Night Returns;

Julia Hanna says that Patricia Traxler's Blood is more complex than its gory cover art would imply.


Clea Simon examines Anthony Bourdain’s life as literary and TV chef .

Hot Dots -- Wednesday 2:00 (44) Building Big: Tunnels and then Domes. Collect the whole set - if you can find them all.


Dining Out: Todd English's Bonfire.
Uncorked: The numbers game .
On the Cheap: Faneuil Hall food court.
Noshing & Sipping: Trader Joe’s Granny Smith apple rings.


Best Music Poll 2001

Fall 2001 Band Guide

The 4th annual Best issue


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