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Obituaries Are Gay

Seth Putnam, 1968-2011
Seth Putnam, who succumbed to a fatal heart attack on June 11 at the age of 43, was the leader of some of the most unforgettably (and therefore some of the best-) named bands of all time.  
By: NICK BLAKEY  |  June 17, 2011


The re-formed Humanoids remain hell bent for leather

Re-creating that metal edge
In the vortex of impossibility that is Coolidge Corner, it's not surprising that few residents realize there is a local rock demigod working at the neighborhood post office. "Strangely, there have been times when people knew who the Humanoids were, and it was awesome," says guitarist Johnny Machine. "As for co-workers, a lot of the guys know that I play in a band. But a lot of guys play in bands."
By: NICK BLAKEY  |  February 16, 2011


Interview: Six Finger Satellite

Providence band talks Machine Cuisine Companion Cassette reissue
Providence retro-futuristic bad boys Six Finger Satellite have re-issued their elusive 1994 self-released Machine Cuisine Companion Cassette off Anchor Brain records, available for the post-analog age via internet download or cassette.
By: NICK BLAKEY  |  September 02, 2010
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