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Game culture archives

This is hard-core
Will the Xbox 360 revolutionize home entertainment forever? Sure that is, until the PS3 comes out
By Chris Dahlen
from November 18, 2005 Gaming the System
The brave new world of the latest propaganda tool
By Chris Dahlen
from Septemeber 23, 2005

Who's afraid of Façade?
Virginia Woolf meets Grand Theft Auto
By Chris Dahlen
from July 22, 2005

What the #$*! do we know?
The Big Three have revealed their next-gen hardware. Let the speculation and fanboy-ism begin!
By Mitch Krpata
from May 20, 2005

Camp Matrix
Employees of The Matrix Online take the blue pill
By Chris Dahlen
from May 6, 2005

Aural dilemma
When customizable soundtracks compete with original game scores, which will consumers choose?
By Chris Dahlen
from March 25, 2005

The insider
A report from the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco
from March 11, 2005

Ad hominem
Anarchy Online explores a new digital frontier
By Chris Dahlen
from March 4, 2005

A real army of one
How Mercenaries predicts the path to victory in North Korea
By Chris Dahlen
from February 25, 2005

The nostalgia files
By Mitch Krpata
from February 18, 2005

Brain Dead
A look back at Uwe Boll's House of the Dead
By Mitch Krpata
from February 4, 2005

How to beat the Bush blues
Sink into a virtual reality where the only one dealing out death and destruction is you
By Aaron Solomon
from January 21, 2005

The ravenous beast
Electronic Arts and the monopolization of an industry
By Mitch Krpata
from January 14, 2005

Pop a Cap in your day
The Internet's best time-killer
By Mitch Krpata
from January 7, 2005

The year ahead
Five games to look for in 2005
By Mitch Krpata
from December 31, 2004

Stand up and be counted
Our picks for the best games of 2004
By the Gaming Room staff
from December 24, 2004

The Spike and the damage done
A running diary of Spike TV's Video Game Awards
By Aaron Solomon
from December 17, 2004

All tomorrow's LAN parties
Not the kinds of parties where you can meet girls
By Mitch Krpata
from December 10, 2004

Giving thanks
The question is, what aren't we grateful for?
By the Gaming Room staff
from November 26, 2004

The nostalgia files
The Secret of Monkey Island
By Mitch Krpata
from November 19, 2004

Advantage: rock
The Advantage does it old school at the Middle East
By Mitch Krpata
from November 12, 2004

Halo-va good time
The Halo 2 marketing blitz is on
By Mitch Krpata
from November 5, 2004

Image enhancement
Nintendo aims for the cool kids with Story of the Year and the Fusion Tour
By Mitch Krpata
from October 29, 2004

One day of hell
Getting to know G4TechTV
By Jim Murray
from October 22, 2004

Bring on the major leagues
Major League Gaming comes to Boston
By Mitch Krpata
from October 15, 2004

Déjà vu all over again
There's something familiar about this season's new games
By Mitch Krpata
from October 8, 2004

Name that tune
Music in video games has become a marketer's delight, but is the trend bad for gamers?
By Mitch Krpata
from October 1, 2004

The whole world in your hands
Nintendo announces details of its new handheld system
By Mitch Krpata
from September 24, 2004

The agony of defeat
Taking the Madden Challenge in Foxboro
By Jim Murray
from September 17, 2004

Raise high your flag of geekdom
By Mitch Krpata
from September 10, 2004


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